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Picture this: your home encounters a surprise washing machine leak while you’re away at work turning your laundry room and surrounding areas into a wet mess.  Spoiler alert: it’s not as scary as it sounds, and yes, you might even find yourself chuckling amidst the chaos. Let’s review the best ways to respond in an event like this!

Key Steps in Water Damage Restoration

Of course, any time you’re preparing for water damage clean up we suggest you call Drew or Jessie here at L.A.D.S. so we can support you in safe and proper clean up. Here are the few key steps we start with during any water damage restoration project: 

  1. Assessment and Inspection:
    • Evaluate the extent of water damage and identify affected areas.
    • Determine the category and classification of the water damage (clean water, grey water, black water; and the extent of contamination).
  2. Water Extraction:
    • Remove standing water using pumps and vacuums.
    • Extract water from carpets, flooring, and affected materials.
  3. Drying and Dehumidification:
    • Use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and high-speed air movers to dry out the affected areas.
    • Monitor moisture levels to ensure thorough drying.

There are several additional steps we take from cleaning and sanitizing to mold remediation as well as repair and reconstruction depending on the severity and needs of the particular project. We work closely with our clients during each phase of the process to ensure satisfaction and to include any additional experts or contractors as necessary.

Connecting with Restoration Experts

At L.A.D.S. (Life After Disaster Strikes), we are more than just a restoration company. We are a family-owned business with a strong military background and deep roots in our faith. Our commitment to faith, honesty, and diligence drives us to always be prepared and educated to be the experts you need in times of crisis.

Our team at L.A.D.S. has received extensive training in the insurance industry, including insurance adjusting and IICRC and OSHA certifications. We believe that every client deserves to be treated like family, and we will handle your property with the utmost care. Whether you need us in times of disaster or simply for restoration services, we are here to provide the best possible experience for you.

Water Damage Restoration: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Drew and Jessie guarantee 100% satisfaction with every job. If for any reason our clients feel our work falls short in any way we do everything in our power to make it right. Our commitment to integrity, honesty, and diligence motivates us to deliver the best results possible. Trust L.A.D.S to be there for you, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.